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Set of 12 Velvet Scrunchies

Set of 12 Velvet Scrunchies

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Excellent Quality Velvet Scrunchies - avictia scrunchies are delicately crafted with high quality velvet material. The texture is super-soft on your hair, comfortable, and easy to wear. The elastic is strong and durable. avictia scrunchies will flawlessly style your hair while not hurting it. They are perfect for every hair type: thick, curly, thin, straight. Style avictia scrunchies in sleek buns, ponytails, and all your favourite hair styles.

Everyday Wear - These scrunchies are an essential accessory for elegantly keeping your hair out of your eyes while reading your favourite book, or tying it into a chic ponytail on a busy day. These are practical and useful for everyday wear. 

Beautiful Pastel Colours - Flawlessly match these scrunchies with all your favorite outfits for a put-together look. 12 colours include: Teal, Dark Teal, Emerald, Green, Black, Dark Grey, Grey, White, Beige, Pink, Light Brown, Brown. 

Size Dimensions - Unexpanded: The outer diameter is approximately 4.3 inches. The inner diameter is approximately 1.4 inches. The width of the velvet is approximately: 1.6 inches. 

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