Our Mission

avictia is a Canadian company located in Ontario. They are dedicated to providing the highest quality activewear and accessories in order to empower others. avictia offers comfort with our soft and flexible fabric, allowing you to move freely with confidence during your practice. Keeping others motivated is their top priority which is why they keep their prices as affordable as possible while maintaining the premium quality of their items. 🇨🇦 

Message from founder

Practicing competitive dance and yoga for over 10 years basically meant that I didn't wear anything other than activewear and scrunchies on a daily basis. There was a lot of options out there - but so much of them were either unpractical or way too overpriced. I yearned for there to be stylish, long-lasting activewear that made both people and their wallet feel good. In 2020, our team at avictia officially went live with our activewear collection. We could not have been more thrilled with the positive response! We have forever made it our mission to empower others to feel confident when moving their body, and avictia exists because of that.


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